Saturday, January 10, 2009

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009

Publisher: Activision Inc.

Developer: Activision

Category: Action

Release Dates N Amer - 11/24/2008

Also available on:PS2,PS3,WII and XBOX 360

One good thing that can be said about NPPL Championship Paintball 2009, though, is that it does capture the feel of the equipment even with the different brand attachments and extras. The various field setups are also well represented with a number of portable bunkers and cover to use during tournaments. On top of that, the different maps add some diversity in terms of how you will approach an event. You can even rush and dive or slide to cover as the pros do during an intense match. Thankfully, the controls are basic enough that you’ll be able to crouch, reload and sprint.

There are three different game modes in the game that include a quick exhibition match that allows you to set up a one-on-one, three-on-three, five-on-five or a seven-on-seven match. For those that like online matches, there’s even online multiplayer mode..The single-player mode is Career mode and it’s quite a lengthy affair featuring a number of official NPPL paintball champs that have made a mark in this sport. You start by picking your spot in one of five teams such as the Psycho Rivals, Last Silence, Search & Destroy, Dark Illusion or The Coalition. Then you move on to selecting the members of your team and work your way up the ladder by participating in a numerous challenges throughout the United States and even internationally.

eview Scoring Details for NPPL Championship Paintball 2009

Gameplay: 4.5
The controls are rather basic but it’s accurate considering the fact that the equipment works the way it does in real life. Career mode is quite boring and does add very much variety so gamers will quickly get bored with this game.

Graphics: 5.0
Visually unimpressive, especially when it comes to the character models, NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 looks like it would have been a great-looking original Xbox game. The environments look decent enough as well but this game could have looked a lot better.

Sound: 5.5
The soundtrack is filled with heavy rock tunes that might not be everyone’s cup of tea and the sound effects are minimal but effective enough to give the impression that you’re out in the playing field.

Difficulty: Easy
Although you can’t run and gun in this game, you can certainly rush towards your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your home base without so much as firing a paint pellet. The opponent AI knows good cover when they see it but still make some rather boneheaded mistakes.

Concept: 4.5
The rules and setting for an official paintball tournament is present but the feel isn’t so you’re stuck with a main mode that just isn’t very exciting or true to the tournament atmosphere. There are plenty of equipment choices, though, and a nice variety of maps. Online multiplayer is a better alternative to playing solo.

Multiplayer: 5.0
Online multiplayer is the way to go when you want better communication with your team and thus makes this game a lot better than the single-player events. I just wish there were more people online to offer a challenge.

Overall: 4.5
It’s hard to recommend a game like NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 even to actual paintball enthusiasts. Sadly, this is a game that certainly does have the potential of being a worthwhile paintball title but falls short in so many ways that even shooter fans will be greatly disappointed.